Aaron James Eckardt is a professional music composer from Fullerton, California.

His body of work consists of scores, soundtracks and themes, which are loosely influenced by the work of iconic soundtrack masters such as James Newton Howard or Hans Zimmer, as well as by revered modern composers the likes of Ramin Djawadi, Yoav Goren and Ludovico Eiaudi, just to mention a few. One of the most distinctive aspects of Aaron’s compositional approach, is the striking ability to provide a highly diversified sonic palette. He displays a remarkable adaptability that allows him to work on a wide variety of projects, while maintaining a personal and recognizable sound through his repertoire.

Aaron’s involvement with music began at a very early age. He started writing music and per- forming in a rock band at 14 years old, but gradually his interests started to shift as he began looking for a more rewarding creative outlet. “I have always been fascinated with the magic of storytelling through film” says Aaron. “Growing up I would find myself becoming mesmerized, not only by the characters on the screen or the elaborate imagery in front of me, but the entire new worlds that were being created, each of them being secretly guided by their own unique soundtrack. I very much wanted to be a part of that”.

With a vision to pursue his creativity and bring original works to life with a broader scope, he started pursuing his film compositional work, eventually developing confidence and familiarity with a wide variety of styles, from intense hybrid orchestral arrangements to lush ambient soundscapes. His open-minded approach and experience working with different genres is a true asset, making for a great degree of flexibility within his work. Being a self-taught musician has made Aaron fond of experimenting with different sounds, utilizing various techniques and coloring with unique tones and unusual textures, from the traditional, to the unexpected. This allows him to cater to a wide variety of visual content, moods and creative situations.

Over the years, Aaron has created compositions for TV shows, commercials, documentaries and trailers by the likes of NBC Universal, PBS, The Weather Channel, Scion, Unibal and many others.